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CCBED Continue to Champion Enterprise

At the IOEE, we are proud to support a wide range of centres, delivering a variety of enterprise and employability qualifications to their learners. CCBED, the Centre for Capacity Building and Enterprise Development, has recently reapproved as an IOEE academy, and are continuing to deliver employability qualifications to their learners. This is great news for students and established entrepreneurs alike, as it means that CCBED will continue to deliver high-quality enterprise education and training as an approved IOEE academy.

CCBED has been delivering enterprise education and training since 2015, and their aim is to provide students with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to start and grow their own businesses. They offer a range of courses and programmes, including workshops and short courses. These programmes cover a wide range of topics, including business planning, marketing, finance, and leadership.

With their reapproval as an IOEE academy, CCBED has demonstrated their commitment to excellence in enterprise education. 

The IOEE is the UK’s only dedicated learning institute providing recognition, accreditation and qualifications in enterprise learning. The IOEE academy status, and programme recognition, is widely recognized as a mark of quality in the field of enterprise education. CCBED’s reapproval means that their programmes and courses have met the IOEE’s rigorous standards for enterprise education. They have decided to deliver a selection of SFEDI regulated qualifications.

In addition to their reapproval, CCBED has also announced plans to increase their delivery. They aim to deliver more courses and programmes, and to reach more students and entrepreneurs than ever before. This is great news for anyone looking to start or grow a business, as it means there will be more opportunities to access high-quality enterprise education and training.

They recognize that entrepreneurs need to be able to make a living from their businesses, and that enterprise education and training should reflect this. To this end, CCBED is working to develop courses and programmes that focus on practical skills, such as marketing, planning and understanding business finances, that are essential for running a successful business.

CCBED have experience in delivering the Level 1 Award in Passport to Enterprise and Employment to a range of learners who wished to develop their employability skills. The Level 1 Award in Passport to Enterprise and Employment is a qualification that allows learners to learn new skills and develop existing skills, by providing them with new knowledge and asking them to reflect on their own practices. The qualification contains a range of employment, self employment and personal development units, creating a well rounded enterprise qualification. 

CCBED chose this qualification, so their learners could learn all of the foundations skills an enterprising person would need to begin their career in enterprise. Units CCBED have delivered include, developing an enterprise character, problem solving at work and understanding how to market your business.

CCBED’s commitment to enterprise education is commendable, and their plans for the future are exciting. Aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners can look forward to even more opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge, thanks to CCBED’s reapproval as an IOEE academy and their plans to increase delivery in Bristol and across the West of England.

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