Accessing help and support in business

In this short course, Understanding how to access help and support in business, we will show you the most common forms of support, advice and help that a business can draw upon as it grows, so that should the time come, you will know where a business should go in order to get the support it needs.

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Part of the excitement about operating a business is in developing a new set of skills and rising to the challenges that will undoubtedly be faced. No entrepreneur knows everything about the business world when they set off on their journey, and the most successful ones are forever learning and developing themselves.

In this short course we will cover:

  • Sources of informal help and support.
  • Sources of formal help and support.
  • How to obtain help and support.
  • Business networking.
  • The benefits of various business networks.
  • How to use business networks to identify business opportunities.

One of the good things about being an entrepreneur is that whilst they may become their own boss, they don’t have to do everything on their own. Having the right help and support structure around them can help prove the difference between success and failure.

Remember, throughout the course to make your own notes on where you think you might be able to get support from.

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