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Somerset Business Agency become an Academy

It’s always a great day when we are able to shed some spotlight on our latest academies and talk to then one-on-one. With our newest arrival joining us through the National Enterprise Network, we couldn’t wait to speak with them to see what their company was doing to help their learners join the world of enterprise. We spoke to Patricia Marks, an original founder of the Somerset Business Agency, to learn more about their organisation and what the future holds for them as a new IOEE Academy.

Running for the last 10 years the Somerset Business Agency are no stranger to the enterprise world. The company was set up in response to the huge numbers of people who were using self-employment as a route back to working life. Beginning the journey to self-employment can be scary, so Patricia and her team set up the company to support hopeful self-employed people and give them the training they needed to achieve their goals. With the online world ever-expanding, more and more people are setting up their own businesses or “side-hustles” and hoping to make the move to self-employment. So, the Somerset Business Agency couldn’t be more useful in today’s society. Throughout her career, Patricia has always been involved in start- up businesses, so if anyone knows how to do it, Patricia does.

Though starting your own business can sound extremely scary, anyone can do it if you’re passionate enough. The Somerset Business Agency has had learners from a vast variety of backgrounds, whether it’s always been your goal or whether you’re looking for a lifestyle change, their workshops can help you find your way to success. Somerset Business Agency is structured to suit every learner’s needs, with a new online platform on the horizon the Agency is well equipped for all manners of learning. Like many of us Patricia hopes that their face-to-face sessions come back soon, as there’s nothing truly like learning in person; being able to talk to industry experts, network with other business owners and hear how other people who are self-employed handle their business. However, until then, all learning is being delivered through their amazing online workshops. One aspect of the course that previous learners have found especially useful is the handbook to all members. The Somerset Business Agency has developed its own handbook to use alongside its programs, the contents include all the useful tools and tips new self-starters need to get their business up and running. For example; “How to do a SWOT Analysis”, “How to do a Pestel Analysis”, and “The Boston Matrix”. Patricia herself has stated that the handbook is one of their most valued tools, this is because business is all about continued learning and constantly refreshing your mind on the business basics. To make sure you are doing the best for your business you need to always be reminding yourself of the key principles and how you can use them to fit into the evolving nature of business in society. Patricia expressed how it is not just new starters but all companies that need to be adaptable to the dynamic market sector. Their own company, Somerset Business Agency, were doing this by adapting to the online world with their new platform and providing new services to their customers which include the IOEE Academy status.

So why was it important for the Somerset Business Agency to join the IOEE community with their new Academy status? Well, as shown by their commitment to quality enterprise education, the learners were at the heart of their decision. Patricia stated that as more and more people began starting their own businesses, they’re wanting recognition for the work that they do, and the Somerset Business Academy wants to make sure that they receive that recognition. So, by joining the IOEE community, it provides their learners with that stamp of accreditation to show that they are an enterprising person. Following the announcement of their new IOEE Academy status, Patricia told us that they instantly sold out their next five workshops and have since added on two more to give more learners the opportunity to gain access to the course.

With plans to become the premier business start-up academy in the New Year, Patricia and the team at Somerset Business Agency are certainly on their way to achieving their goals. We here at IOEE are so excited to be a part of that journey and look forward to continuing to see all the amazing enterprising support they provide for aspiring business owners.

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