What will my business be?

Do any of these sentences sound like you?

“I’ve noticed a gap in the market. Maybe I could fill it.”

This is the talk of a true entrepreneur. Spot a gap and work hard to capitalise on it. Just make sure the gap is genuine and you’ve got what it takes to fill it.

“I studied X it would be amazing to make money from it.”

Lots of people take their business idea directly from their studies. This can be a great idea but you need to think carefully about whether you can really turn your training into a profitable business.

“I love doing X in my spare time. Maybe it could be my business.”

Turning a hobby into a business means you’ve got passion and experience in you from the start. However, when things get tough you may get sick of ding something you once loved.

Ask yourself, ‘what do I really want to be doing?’ Don’t restrict yourself to what you’ve worked as and studied in the past.

When you’re absolutely positive your business idea is a good one, it’s time to move onto the next step.

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