Is It Working?

You’ve taken your first steps into social media and you may not see those orders rolling in straight away but that doesn’t mean you can’t measure if it’s working or not. 

Metrics matter in the world of social media and can be broken down into two different types, those that make you feel good and those that mean something useful to your business.

Sure, you may feel a sense of accomplishment having 100 people retweet or like your last message posted but did it impact on the success of your business?

Wouldn’t leads generated, click-throughs to your other channels or an increase in business sales be more useful metrics to measure?

Alongside your SMART targets, social media channels often have analytic systems that allow you to see the key information about how your account is performing, who your followers are and whether they are interacting with your key messages. 

Facebook provides an ‘insights’ tool for Facebook for Business, allowing you to see:

  • Demographics
  • Page likes
  • Location and language
  • Purchases activity
  • People connected to your page or event

Twitter provides an ‘analytics’ tool allowing you to see:

  • Tweet activity 
  • Followers interests, locations and demographics
  • Likes, retweets and click-throughs

Linkedin provides an ‘analytics’ tool allowing you to see:

  • Post and article views including likes and shares
  • Demographics of those that view your posts and articles
  • Demographics of your followers and visitors 

Instagram provides an ‘insights’ tool allowing you to see:

  • Demographics
  • Number of times your posts have been seen
  • Number of actions taken on your account
  • Number of unique accounts that have seen and accessed your posts
  • Number of profile views over a week

All of this information is important to make sure that your messaging and the days and times you are posting on social media are gaining the highest levels of engagement you possibly can.

Most social media tools have analytics built-in, so why not have a look around and see what is most useful for you.

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